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Giuseppe Dave Seke, Haroun Fall, Beatrice Grannò, Dylan Magon

Plot: A shy african origin guy, second generation Italian, who has an incredible super power. A modern superhero who, thanks to his power, will learn how to open up to the world and to love.

PG ,
Andrea Riseborough, Dane DeHaan, Giuseppe De Domenico, Harold Torres

Plot: A cocaine shipment makes its way to Europe, starting from the moment a powerful cartel of Italian criminals decides to buy it, to its journeys through Mexico, to its shipment across the Atlantic Ocean.

PG , 60 min
Jenina Moreno, Lisa Marie Anderson, Skylar Astin, William W. Barbour

Plot: A young woman discovers she has the ability to hear the innermost thoughts of people around her as songs and musical numbers.

PG , 60 min
Cara Theobold, Leah Brotherhead, Ryan McKen, Hamza Jeetooa

Plot: A Zombie apocalypse is unleashed in Birmingham and sisters Kat and Jo, together with unlikely travel companions Sunny and Amar must flee for their canal boat.

PG ,
James Buckley, Kenneth Collard, Louis Emerick, Ricky Grover

Plot: A man is transported to a parallel world featuring "psychopathic Fairies, Shell Men, seductive Demi-Fins and vicious Throcks".

PG , 40 min
Russell Hodgkinson, Keith Allan, Nat Zang, Kellita Smith

Plot: Three years after the zombie virus has gutted the United States of America a team of everyday heroes must transport the only known survivor of the plague from New York to California, where the last functioning viral lab waits for his blood.

PG , 44 min
James Wolk, Kristen Connolly, Nonso Anozie, Billy Burke

Plot: A young scientist searches to find out what"s causing a rash of violent animal attacks.

PG , 42 min
Anthony Edwards, Carmen Ejogo, Scott Michael Foster, Addison Timlin

Plot: Revolves around a bizarre twist of fate that pulls a man whos spent 20 years as the editor of a skeptics magazine into one of the most compelling conspiracies in human history.

PG , 60 min


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