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Joel Hogan

Plot: A lonely Con Artist with a troubled past, along with his unpredictable Partner, con superficial trophy Wives and their rich older Husbands in self-obsessed Los Angeles.

PG ,
Shannon Lucio, Cassie Shea Watson, Stephen Brodie, Joe Nemmers

Plot: A woman becomes increasingly aware of her fractured past as a corrupt organization closes in.

PG , 90 min
Christina July Kim, Sage Mears, Brie Mattson, Brandon Wardle

Plot: GOLDEN is a modern day psychological morality tale set firmly in the thriller-horror genre about a group of hikers who discover an abandoned 19th century goldmine in the Yosemite region. An...

PG , 90 min
Sonoya Mizuno, Katherine Hughes, Jared Bankens, Kyanna Simone

Plot: A young aspiring musician preparing for a competition, is incredibly confidant and gets herself involved in a frightening trap that she has to find her way out of. It raises the question: If an insane person is telling a story, is it real?

PG ,
Jenny Pellicer

Plot: Flora is a circus elephant who has grown too old to perform her tricks. Seventeen-year-old Dawn, daughter of the circus owner, Henry, is deeply attached to Flora. Dawn discovers an elephant...

PG ,
Hani Furstenberg, Allie Trimm, Dana Ivgy, Devin Landin

Plot: SAINTS REST is a naturalistic modern-day musical set in small-town Iowa and tells the story of two estranged sisters who, over the course of one summer, form a connection through their ...

PG , 85 min
J.K. Simmons, Sebastian Stan, Maika Monroe, Mandy Moore

Plot: A man struggles with the tragic memories of his past to make sense of his present, but soon realizes that time isn"t the enemy he thinks it is.

PG , 81 min
Orelsan, Gringe, Redouanne Harjane, Féodor Atkine

Plot: Angelino is just one of thousands of deadbeats living in Dark Meat City. But an otherwise unremarkable scooter accident caused by a beautiful, mysterious stranger is about to transform his ...

PG , 94 min
Daniel Radcliffe, Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson, Eleanor Matsuura

Plot: Within the course of one night, Woody Harrelson finds himself in a misadventure in London that winds him up in jail.

PG , 100 min
Diamond White, Larry Miller, Allie Marie Evans, Logan Huffman

Plot: Rock Steady Row centers around a young college freshman who, after his bike is stolen, lands on a college campus and is compelled to take action against the reigning fraternities and ultimately the dean.

PG ,
Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce, Max Irons, Christian Slater

Plot: A wife questions her life choices as she travels to Stockholm with her husband, where he is slated to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature.

PG , 100 min
Calum Worthy, Jackie Long, Rory Uphold, Jonathan Park

Plot: A progressive graduate student finds success and sparks outrage when his interest in battle rap as a thesis subject becomes a competitive obsession.

PG , 120 min


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